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Hello. I’m Oskar Street, a programmer at Itzy. I first joined the team to work on Mad Devils and I’m thrilled to be back as a programmer on Lucas: Chapter One. I’m here to give you a quick update about what I’ve been working on recently. Right now I’m working on behaviours for the AI NPC characters you might encounter during a match of the game. My focus at the moment is on the police officers who try to kill the family and Lucas.

The police officers start each match by gathering around a central base in the level, and search the vicinity for their targets until something alerts them. This could be the sound of a bear trap sharply snapping shut, a scream of terror in the distance, or one of their targets in the flesh. They will then hunt them down and try to kill them until either they or their target falls, or their target escapes.The police represent a mild, but still potentially lethal hazard you will have to face over the course of the game.


April 15, 2020
Speaking of which when will Mad Devils release? It should be soon no?
April 15, 2020
Hi James! We're currently developing a launch plan for Mad Devils but haven't set a date yet. As soon as we have things concrete, we'll make an announcement.

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